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AVALON - At the Sept. 25 meeting of Avalon Borough Council, Assistant Business Administrator James Waldron briefed council on a new plan to restructure zoning enforcement.

Waldron said that given the number of demolitions and construction projects annually in the borough, the zoning official is overloaded with site plan approvals and paperwork. Zoning enforcement is a burden that borough officials want to shift elsewhere.

The plan calls for enlarging the role of the borough’s code enforcement office by adding zoning enforcement to its portfolio. This frees the zoning official from that task and allows for focus on plan review, approvals, and paperwork requirements.

Part of the changes will also involve a requirement for property owners to submit site plans and construction paperwork electronically, as well as on paper. That change will facilitate the maintenance of a permanent record of all plans and approvals.

Waldron said the borough will monitor the change in zoning enforcement for six months to ensure it is working well. Council will be asked to approve job roles and salary ranges at a future meeting.

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