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WILDWOOD - The owner of what Wildwood Police Chief Robert Regalbuto deemed a "nuisance property" ( must now be strict about to whom he rents the property.

Wildwood commissioners June 9 approved a mercantile license for the property, in the 3000 block of Pacific Avenue, which is owned by Chris Lambert. It's a conditional license, setting regulations on the property.

To rent the property, an on-site agent must be present, a minimum age for renters must be upheld, and parents of minors are prohibited from renting the property for their kids, according to Wildwood City Clerk Christopher Wood.

Lambert said he owns three apartments, one of which he is renting, adding that he hasn't been notified of calls for service to the occupied apartment this summer.

"You have a lot of good landlords in this town; a lot of guys that do it for the right reason," Lambert, who's a former Lower Township police officer, said, adding that he’s tightening his surveillance of his renters, "but you also have a couple of landlords that don't care. That's not me. I am on scene. I'm here every day."

Commissioners, in May, heard objections from neighbors and Regalbuto about renewing the property's mercantile license, calling for them not to approve the renewal after what was described as frequent police responses to the property. Regalbuto said arrests were made, some of which included charges for disorderly conduct and underage drinking.

Mayor Peter Byron told the Herald he hasn't received emails regarding issues at the property this summer, as of July 14.

Regalbuto didn't respond to requests for further comment.

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