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The 2022 Stone Harbor holiday beach tag

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STONE HARBOR - To bring beach tag revenue more in line with what the borough spends on maintaining and guarding its beaches, Stone Harbor Council Nov. 15 raised the rates for beach tags in 2022.  

Councilman Charles Krafczek called the new rates an “extraordinary value.” 

Krafczek said the borough “has been behind the curve” on rates and needs to catch up. The last time rates were raised was in the pre-pandemic year 2019.  

Councilwoman Jennifer Gensemer said, “The borough is not immune from inflation.”   

The new rates begin with the holiday tags that are about to go on sale. Holiday tag prices will move from the current $25 to $32. All preseason tags will also now be $32.  

Seasonal tags bought in-season will move from $30 to $40. Weekly tags will rise from $13 to $17 and daily tags will be $8 in 2022 instead of $6. 

One problem facing the borough is there is no assurance that neighboring Avalon will match Stone Harbor's rate increases. The two towns have a reciprocity agreement that allows beach tags bought in either town to be honored in both. If Avalon does not raise rates, there may be some beachgoers who elect to go north to buy the less expensive tags. 

Avalon Business Administrator Scott Wahl said Avalon has not made any decision yet on the price of 2022 beach tags. Meanwhile, Avalon’s 2022 holiday tags are available at the previous year’s prices. 

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