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AVALON - Business Administrator Scott Wahl provided Avalon Borough Council with an update on repair to the public dock at 24th Street and Fifth Avenue.

The work was scheduled for completion by May 22 but ran into a series of delays. The most serious of which was the inability of the general contractor to get a subcontractor with the right skill set for elements of the work concerning the pilings.

With summer approaching, members of the public went to council to urge completion of the project.

Wahl indicated that a subcontractor was on the job and should finish the work expeditiously. Following the piling work, the dock needs to be rebuilt and installed.

The borough planned to do that portion of the project through Public Works. The delay means borough workers have missed “the window” when resources could have been spared for the project. 

The borough will use a private contractor for the rebuild and plans to hold the general contractor accountable for the expense.

Wahl was unable to provide a specific date for completion until the pilings work is completed. The hope was that the work would be done by July 4.

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