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TRENTON - The Council on Local Mandates unanimously denied a state request Dec. 6 to reconsider its ruling voiding mandates related to mail-in ballots.

Stating that it does not have the power “to revive or resurrect a law that has been declared to be an unfunded mandate,” the council, speaking of the state’s request, found “the motion to be without merit and denies the request.”

The decision leaves in place the Nov. 15 ruling by the council that recent provisions in the state’s new mail-in ballot law constituted unfunded mandates and “in effect shall forthwith expire.”

That ruling ended the automatic issuing of mail-in ballots to those voters who requested one in a previous election.

In Cape May County in 2019, 5,411 voters returned mail-in ballots. Over 50% of those who voted by mail did so in Lower and Middle townships, and Ocean City.

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