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WILDWOOD CREST – Borough Commissioners reorganized in a brief meeting Jan. 6 and maintained the status quo for another year on the island’s south end.

“It’s more of a standard operating annual meeting that we do,” Mayor Don Cabrera said, in an interview. “I think, pretty much, everything remained the same, in terms of all of our professionals we use and the board members we reappoint because their term has expired.”

Commissioners are up for reelection this year, and unanimously agreed on several reappointments and appointments to run through the end of 2021. 

Ronald Gelzunas Jr. will return as solicitor, and Marc DeBlasio will return as municipal engineer. 

There were no swearing-in ceremonies or other pomp that can sometimes accompany the year’s first meeting. 

Commissioners hired a new special counsel for Committee on Affordable Housing (COAH) related matters; Michael Jedziniak replaces Jeffrey R. Surenian and Associates; and a contract for up to $25,000 with the lawyer Patrick C. Joyce was approved. 

Cabrera said no matters are being handled by the counselor now, and that both are under contract in the event something comes up and are “ready to go in case we need them.”

Commissioners approved a resolutionthat will afford businesses the same type of relaxation on outdoor zoning restrictions that were made for summer 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Cabrera said with the relaxed rules this summer, he realized how overregulated businesses are and sees the potential to allow more leniency, even when everything can operate at full capacity.  

“There’s a balance there we need to find,” he added.

Cabrera highlighted projects happening in the upcoming year, including beach bump-outs - where foot showers and other amenities will be installed at beach entrances south of Rambler Road, reconstruction of Scoop Taylor Park, finishing improvements at Sunrise Park, reconstructing Beach Avenue and Stanton Road, and finishing Pacific Avenue, in cooperation with the county.

The mayor added that the borough would await decisions on grant funding for flood mitigation on Washington Avenue and Park Boulevard, from Cresse to Rambler roads. 

After Borough Clerk Patricia Feketics rattled off the 57 resolutions, taking votes from the three commissioners on each, in 13 minutes and eight seconds, Cabrera said, “Madam clerk, would you like to take a drink of water?”

“Something a little stronger,” Feketics responded.

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