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COURT HOUSE - At Middle Township Committee's meeting Dec. 2, a member of the public questioned an $11,563 expense on the municipal bill list. Police Chief Christopher Leusner explained that it was part of the transfer of the department from the current issue .45 caliber handguns to 9 mm handguns, which Leusner said provide officers with greater accuracy, and the ability to carry more rounds of the smaller ammunition.

The department had moved away from 9 mm Glock guns when the 9 mm was found to lack the stopping power police desired. Leusner said that studies show that the 9 mm technology has improved to where it is competitive with the .45 caliber.

The move is being made while the department is transitioning to load-bearing vests, which will hold much of an officer’s gear, including extra ammunition. Utility belts had been used for gear, but have been found to cause hip and back problems for officers.

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