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COURT HOUSE - Middle Township Committee approved a public land sale of 15 properties Sept. 21, which will occur Oct. 28.  

The properties’ minimum bids range from $7,600 to $83,400. 

Mayor Timothy Donohue said it is important that the sale happens this year.  

“We are looking at some serious financial challenges, in 2021, due to lost revenue caused by COVID-19,” Donohue said. He is looking at the sale as a revenue enhancement that would help with the “tough decisions” the committee will have to make. 

This was the first time Donohue hinted at the pandemic’s possible impact on the 2021 budget. His remarks gave no details on the municipality’s pandemic-induced revenue shortfalls. 

Middle Township Committee acknowledges that the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic will produce serious financial challenges in 2021.” 

The following is a press release issued by Middle Township. 

COURT HOUSE - An upcoming land sale is expected to offset some revenue losses, while also bringing opportunity for the highest bidders.  

According to a release, the township will sell 15 properties with minimum bids ranging from $7,600 to $83,400 at an Oct. 28 auction. Most of the properties were obtained by the Township through tax lien foreclosure.  

“We are going to be facing some serious financial challenges in 2021 due to loss in revenues, due to COVID and all of the implications of that,” Mayor Tim Donohue said at the Township Committee meeting on Sept. 21, when a resolution was passed to approve the land sale. “We have been preparing for some tough decision-making, but the ability to have this land sale and generate these funds will go a long way toward helping us meet some of our needs for next year.”  

State law permits municipalities to sell any property that is not needed for public use. The high bidder on a property sold at auction in Middle Township must pay 10% of the total cost at the land sale. The balance must be paid within 70 days.  

In certain cases, neighboring property owners will have the opportunity to purchase the parcels being sold at auction. Lots that are less than the minimum size in the zoning district will be offered to the owners of any bordering properties for the same price offered by the highest bidder.  

Land at the following locations will be available at auction for these minimum bids:  

Matthews Street, $7,600 

Fulton Street, $19,700 

501 S. George St., $23,100 

Vick Avenue/West Anna Street, $23,200 

9 E. Anna St., $24,900 

20 Oakview Rd., $27,300 

206 Stagecoach Rd., #512, $32,500 

308 Gibbs St., $35,700 

Fulton Street, $37,300 

205 Cochran St., $40,000 

15 Kentucky Ave., $42,300 

302 Gibbs St., $50,700 

271 Stagecoach Rd., $77,800 

1144 Golf Club Rd., $78,300 

1146 Golf Club Rd., $83,400 

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