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CAPE MAY - Cape May City Council member Stacey Sheehan tried to win support for a resolution that would require that all of the city’s many advisory committee meetings be videotaped or livestreamed for public access.

After debate, the resolution was not voted on because Mayor Clarence Lear made a motion to table it and had the votes to do so.

A signature aspect of Lear’s administration has been the use of citizen-run advisory committees across a multitude of issues. For Lear, it is a way to get public input and participation in important city initiatives.

Due to the influence the committees have had on public policy to-date, some citizens want greater insight into what is being discussed and how recommendations are being made.

Sheehan, with the support of Council member Zack Mullock, has pushed for video of the meetings either in real time or as a source that can be later accessed.

The resolution presented June 4 would have required all of the advisory committee meetings to have video of meetings, potentially placing a strain on the city’s capability.

Resident Jules Rauch offered an approach that would limit the burden by only requiring two of the committees to supply video of meetings. These two committees deal with the proposed new Public Safety Building and the implementation of the recently approved master plan.

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