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PETERSBURG – Upper Township Committee members, at their July 26 meeting, discussed several locations that they said arescenes of multiple accidents. 

The first is St. Andrews Place, in Marmora, where, during this and previous meetings, residents indicated that speeding through their quiet neighborhood caused car crashes and endangered small children playing nearby. 

“The high volume of summer traffic with out-of-state drivers trying to avoid bumper-to-bumper snafus are creating really bad conditions for this area,” said Mayor Richard Palombo, pledging to increase efforts to improve the situation with more signage and State Police involvement. 

The second location is the intersection of Roosevelt Boulevard and Garden State Parkway (GSP) north and south ramps, also in Marmora. 

According to a report given by Municipal Engineer Paul Dietrich, this area is the “scene of multiple weekly accidents, many very serious, with multiple causes, including impatient drivers, inadequate signage, signal timing, and summer volume.” 

Directed by Palombo, Dietrich will continue working with State Police and GSP authorities to address the causes. 

One additional location that has been the subject of resident complaints at prior committee meetings is Stagecoach Road, from Marmora to Seaville. 

Responding to a resident request, Dietrich earlier remarked that, according to a road survey he conducted, most drivers were traveling at or near the posted 35 mph speed limit, thus speed humps were not warranted.

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