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WILDWOOD - The Wildwood City Fire Department has released its 2019 Annual report. 

According to a release, the report provides, in detail, year-end response statistics, organization and personnel milestones, fire prevention/public education efforts, training, revenue received, achievements for 2019 and also goals/objectives for 2020. 

Complete contact information is also available for all employees in the department.

The department continues to offer a presentation to any civic organization that may be stakeholders or have vested interest in our community. 

Visit the City of Wildwood website or the Fire Department’s website at the links below to view the complete report.

On the Herald website or

City of Wildwood site:

https://bit.ly/2wldoIL (Under the Fire Department tab)

 Department’s site:

https://bit.ly/2I8nzmE(Direct Link) 

 https://bit.ly/38aRuoM (Under the About tab) 

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