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WILDWOOD - Members of the Wildwood City Fire Department responded to 462 fire and emergency medical related incidents during June 2020.

Members of the department also conducted 1,089 Fire Safety Inspections for the month. The statistics for the month are as follows:

Squad Company 3 responded to the following incidents:


(including building fires, cooking fires, rubbish fires, vehicle fires) 14


(MVA’s, medical assists, elevator entrapments, water rescues) 84

Hazardous Conditions

(gas leaks, electrical hazards, aircraft stand-by) 19

Service Calls

(animal rescues, assist police department, public assists) 11

Good Intent Calls

(smoke scares, odor of smoke, investigations with no incident) 29

False Alarm & False Calls

(malfunctioning alarm systems, malicious alarms, unintentional alarms) 28

Total Engine Company Responses 185

Ambulance 3 responded to the following incidents:

Alcohol, drugs, overdose, toxins 62

Cardiac, chest pains, hypotension, hypertension 9

Bleeding, trauma, injuries, assaults 48

Weakness, malaise, sickness, dizziness, pain 58

Respiratory, shortness of breath, dyspnea 8

Seizure, stroke, neurological, unconscious, syncopal episodes,

diabetic, hypoglycemic, altered mental status 20

Behavioral, depression, suicidal, anxiety, hallucination 11

General (DOA, fever, dehydration, allergic reaction, OB/Gyn.) 61

Total Emergency Medical Service Responses 277

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