COURT HOUSE - The Middle Township Police Department is advising residents of a report of coyote sightings along the municipal bike path.

According to a June 17 release, the sightings have been reported in the area of the bike path between Goshen Road and Court House-South Dennis Road.

There have been no reports of coyotes approaching people or acting aggressively and there is no immediate threat to the safety of the residents.

The Police Department would like for residents to be alert and attentive to their surroundings and notify the police if they encounter a coyote acting in an abnormal way, such as active during daylight hours or approaching people or domestic animals.

Coyotes are wild animals and people should not attempt to interact or approach them.

The Police Department has notified the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife which recommend anyone who may be approached by a coyote to make loud noise in attempt to scare off the animal.


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