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Today’s technology has created the option for a personal environment which almost eliminates the need to verbally communicate face-to-face with anyone.

Many venues present this mode of operation as a convenient service to some of their clientele while recognizing the value of face-to-face interaction with others (such as banks).

Information about their business/services can be downloaded from their web-page, or attained “hard copy” through the mail or in person “over the counter.”

The Cape May County Technical School’s Evening and Continuing Education Division this fall shifted from a “hard copy” brochure identifying its program offerings (which in the past was distributed throughout the county’s communities) to an online “only” virtual course listing.

That change also brought about an online registration and payment “only” requirement which eliminated the long-standing options regarding mail-in registrations, face-to-face paper registrations as well as the use of checks or cash for tuition payment. 

These unannounced, and for some, unnavigable changes left many county residents stuck in the position of being uninformed about the Technical School’s educational opportunities and/or unable to access them.

Concerning was the fact that those individuals which benefit most from the Technical School’s program offerings were hurt the most by the narrow marketing and enrollment changes.

The printed evening school brochures of the past promoted not only continuing education classes (both vocational and avocational) to our county communities but also featured Adult Post Secondary, Adult Basic Education, English as a Second Language, Adult High School, High School Equivalency Testing, Apprenticeship Program Opportunities, Customized Training, Summertime Adventures as well as the Technical School High School. A valuable educational resource reference for our county was compromised.

Our hope is that the Technical School District will recognize the benefits of again printing “hard copy” the Evening School brochure and facilitating its distribution as well as re-instituting a registration and payment process that all county residents can manage through a variety of options.

Being consumer friendly and connecting with our communities by addressing their educational interests and needs is the premise upon which a strong Technical School District and Evening and Continuing Education Division are based.

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