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CREST HAVEN – Over the past few years there has been a resurgence in new home building and existing home renovations in Cape May County, especially on the barrier islands. This “boom,” recognized by the local Cape Issues Committee, has created employment opportunities for building trades professionals locally, throughout the state and even from other states. 

Now, to assist local high school students to capitalize on this trend and become a part of the skilled building trades labor force the Cape May County Technical School is poised to re-introduce in the fall a revamped Carpentry/Property Management Technology program.

Currently, the newly-designed high school Carpentry/Property Management Technology program, offered by the Technical School has first-level students enrolled that have selected the program as a result of their ninth-grade exploratory experience.

It is possible that other 10th- through 12th-grade students could still transition into the program before school begins. However, the first level class maximum is capped at 10 students.

When the program is fully implemented, there will be 10 students in each of the three instructional levels. In the meantime, the instructor will continue to introduce exploratory students to the skill sets taught/employment opportunities associated with the Carpentry/Property Management Technology program as well as be involved with associated interdisciplinary instruction.

The program was approved by the New Jersey Office of Career and Technical Education for the 2016-17 school year.

The facility is renovated to code and supplied with new equipment, instructional technology, and workspaces.

The vision for this re-designed Carpentry/Property Management Technology program offering is that it will provide trained/certified carpenters and property managers to the local workforce which are in-demand occupations.

For information about this program and others contact the Technical School at 609-380-0200.


ED. NOTE: Cape Issues is a non-partisan, volunteer group that focuses on community betterment issues.

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