Middle School District Welcomes Students Sept. 8

Students entered Middle Township Middle School for in-person instruction Sept. 8, the first time since the school was closed, in mid-March, to fight the spread of the coronavirus.

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COURT HOUSE - Middle Township Public Schools Sept. 8 warmly welcomed students back for the first official day of the 2020/2021 school year.

According to a release, operating on the hybrid model, students in Group A arrived Sept. 8 for classes in each of the district’s elementary, middle, and high schools; Group B’s first day of in-person classes will be Sept. 10. 

The first day of the school year was greatly anticipated by the administration, teachers, staff, students, and parents across the state after schools shut down in mid-March because of COVID-19. The excitement of the Middle Township students was palpable as they approached their schools; they were laughing and talking with classmates they had not seen in person since March. The teachers and principals greeted students as they approached. “Welcome back” and “we’ve missed you all.” could be overheard from teachers and staff coordinating the students’ arrivals. 

“We have anticipated and hoped for this day for a very long time,” stated Superintendent of Schools David Salvo, Ed.D. “Despite the challenges we faced over the last few months, we knew in-person classes had to be implemented in some capacity. The hybrid model enables us to reengage with our students and provides everyone the opportunity to move forward. Today proves all the struggles were worth it – we are extremely excited to see our students back where they belong, and can’t wait to see Group B return on Thursday.” 

The months of planning, organizing - and reorganizing – that led up to the first day paid off for Middle Township Schools. Drop-offs across the district were smooth and organized. Panther Strong messaging to outline safety procedures was placed at each entrance.

Students had their temperatures checked prior to entering the building – a process that was quick, easy, and efficient. Everyone in attendance – from the bus drivers down to the parents dropping off their children – wore masks in compliance with the rules set forth by the district. 

With the first of the first days down for Middle Township Public Schools, all are looking forward to a productive 2020/2021 school year.

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