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COURT HOUSE - A Cape May County grand jury handed up 15 indictments Aug. 13.

The abbreviation CDS below stands for controlled dangerous substance. 

A "certain person not to have weapons" charge can be made against an individual found in possession of a weapon even though a previous felony conviction banned weapons possession.

All individuals listed are presumed innocent unless proven guilty.

Christopher B. Daggett

Christopher Daggett, 49, of Cape May, faces a first-degree count for aggravated sexual assault, along with a second-degree count for sexual assault. The crimes occurred in Wildwood in June. Daggett is lodged at the Cape May County Correctional Facility.

Derek C. Clayton

Derek Clayton, 30, was indicted for defrauding the administration of a drug test, third degree, and possession of a device to defraud a drug test, fourth degree.

Nathaniel J. Boyd

Nathaniel Boyd, 21, of Lower Township, was indicted on two counts of endangering the welfare of a child, second and third degree. He is accused of engaging in the possession of child pornography and making such images and videos available for electronic sharing.

Steven T. Digsby

Steven Digsby, of North Wildwood, faces a four-count indictment for impersonation, forgery, theft and uttering a forged instrument, all counts third degree.  

William B. Beheler

William Beheler, 41, of Erma, was arrested for possession of a Beretta handgun which he was not allowed to have due to a previous conviction in Pennsylvania for burglary. He faces a second-degree certain person charge.

Steven Silnicki

Steven Silnicki, 54, of Rio Grande, was named in two drug-related counts, for possession of a CDS, fentanyl, in the third degree and for fourth-degree obstructing the administration of law.

Abdul Spaulding

Abdul Spaulding, 42, of Court House, was indicted for possession of a CDS, cocaine, and possession with intent to distribute, each count third degree. His proximity to the township bike path added a second-degree count for possession with intent within 500 feet of public property. 

Shakur A. Stockley

Shakur Stockley was indicted for burglary and attempted burglary, each third degree. The indictment states that Stockley illegally entered a Subaru automobile and attempted the illegal entry into a Ford June 6 and 7 in Ocean City.

Benjamin T. Steelman

In Dennis Township in April, Benjamin Steelman assaulted a female victim in an incident that meets the definition of domestic abuse. He faces two counts of third-degree aggravated assault.

Christian L. Maldonado

Christian Maldonado, of Sea Isle City, was indicted on counts of first-degree aggravated sexual assault and second-degree sexual assault Jan. 22. The incident occurred July 28, 2018.

Maldonado was re-indicted on the second-degree sexual assault count. The indictment did not mention the first-degree aggravated sexual assault count from the January indictment.  

The indictment contains counts not related to the July 28 assault. Maldonado faces a third-degree count for endangering the welfare of a child and one in the fourth degree for criminal sexual contact with a 13-year-old minor in 2015.

Timothy J. Mallick

Timothy Mallick, of Ocean City, faces a single fourth-degree count for shoplifting merchandise worth over $200 from a supermarket.

Phillip J. Michaels

Phillip Michaels, of Sea Isle City, was indicted on three weapons offenses. The most serious of the offenses is a second-degree count for unlawful possession of a weapon, a handgun. He also was named in two related fourth-degree counts for possession of a prohibited weapon, hollow-nose bullets, and large-capacity magazines.

Serina E. Pascucci

Serina Pascucci, of Wildwood, faces two third-degree counts for possession of a CDS, cocaine and alprazolam.

Shain Nelson

Shain Nelson was indicted for fourth-degree shoplifting from a game store in Rio Grande. 

Juan M. Hernandez

Juan Hernandez, of Wildwood Crest, faces a second-degree count of aggravated assault and a third-degree count for criminal mischief. The indictment also contains three second-degree counts for endangering the welfare of a child. The three children involved were ages 9, 8 and 2.

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