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COURT HOUSE - A Cape May County grand jury handed up nine indictments June 4.

The abbreviation CDS below stands for controlled dangerous substance.

The individuals listed are presumed innocent unless proven guilty. 

Robert T. Spedding

Robert Spedding, 55, of Court House, was indicted on two second-degree counts for endangering the welfare of a child and sexual assault. The incidents leading to the indictment occurred between May 2014 and August 2014 when the victim was less than 13 years old. Spedding is currently lodged at the Cape May County Correctional Facility.

Eldon R. Voncolln

Following an arrest in Ocean City in April, Eldon Voncolln was indicted on two counts of possession of a CDS, both counts in the third degree. The drugs involved were Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD) and heroin.

Kenyere C. Scott

Kenyere Scott faces a third-degree count for burglary of a structure on Washington Street in Cape May.

William E. Weidman

William Weidman, 44, of Villas, was indicted on one count of possession of a CDS, methamphetamine, in the third degree.

Charles Jenkins

Charles Jenkins was indicted on three separate counts of possession of a CDS, each count third degree. The drugs involved were heroin, clonazepam, and methamphetamine. The arrest occurred in North Wildwood in April.

Lawrence L. Collins

Lawrence Collins, 57, of Villas, was indicted for operating a motor vehicle during a second license suspension, fourth degree.

Shantera R. Harris

Shantera Harris, 26, of Court House, faces a single count of third-degree possession of a CDS. The arrest was in Wildwood in April and the drug involved was listed as flualprazolam, a derivative of the more common alprazolam. Harris had been stopped for driving while intoxicated.

John P. Alvernaz

A New Bedford, Mass. man was arrested in Lower Township April 17 for drug possession and distribution. John Alvernaz, 53, faces third-degree counts for possession of a CDS and distribution of a CDS. The indictment states that Percocet, which Alvernaz provided to a victim, caused serious bodily injury to the individual. That led to a third count for fourth-degree violation of public health and safety.

James Jamison

James Jamison, of Wildwood, was indicted for possession of a CDS, heroin, in the third degree.

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