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COURT HOUSE - A Cape May County grand jury handed up 11 indictments June 11.

The abbreviation CDS below stands for controlled dangerous substance.

The individuals listed are presumed innocent unless proven guilty. 

Justin R. Stankiewicz

Justin Stankiewicz, 26, of Villas, was indicted for third-degree resisting arrest along with two counts of aggravated assault on Middle Township police officers. One assault count was in the third degree and the other in the fourth degree.

James K. Williams

James Williams, 32, of Woodbine, faces a count of second-degree endangering the welfare of a child stemming from his arrest in Middle Township for a driving while intoxicated with a 3-year-old child in the car.

Corleon Riley

A Wildwood man, Corleon Riley, 30, was indicted for second-degree aggravated assault. The indictment states that Riley inflicted “serious bodily injury” on a male victim.

Axel R. Soto-Perez

Axel Soto-Perez was indicted on two separate counts of third-degree possession of a CDS. The drugs involved were tramadol and fentanyl acetaminophen.

Brian H. Hayward

Brian Hayward had been freed while awaiting a hearing on drug possession and intent to distribute charges. The indictment states that Hayward failed to appear at the time of the hearing, adding a third-degree count for bail jumping.

Nancy Aponte

Nancy Aponte, of Dennis Township, faces a single count indictment for third-degree possession of a CDS, fentanyl.

Joseph Donahue

Joseph Donahue was indicted for aggravated assault on a female victim, as well as criminal restraint. Both counts were in the third degree.

Michael R. Glinecke

Michael Glinecke, 25, of Lower Township, faces a count of third-degree possession of a CDS, heroin.

Thomas K. McNemar

Thomas McNemar, 34, of Rio Grande, was indicted for third-degree distribution of a CDS, heroin, along with fourth-degree intent to distribute drug paraphernalia.

Ronald Norbeck

Ronald Norbeck, 33, faces a three-count indictment for theft, third degree, unlawful receipt of a credit card, fourth degree, and fraudulent use of a credit card, third degree. The stolen card was used at Wawa and Acme.

Edward G. Cobleigh

Edward Cobleigh, 38, of Villas, was indicted for fourth-degree possession of a Schedule I CDS, fourth degree. The drug was 4-Fluoro MDMB-Butinaca, a synthetic cannabinoid. 

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