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COURT HOUSE - A Cape May County grand jury handed up 30 indictments Dec. 22.  

The abbreviation CDS below stands for controlled dangerous substance.    

A certain person charge can be brought against individuals whose previous convictions bar them from having weapons.  

All individuals listed are presumed innocent unless proven guilty. 

Eduardo I. Sanchez, 34, of Vineland, was indicted for second-degree violation of a public health safety law, along with third-degree driving without a license and fourth-degree operating a motor vehicle during a second license suspension.  

The indictment states that Sanchez was involved in a motor vehicle accident while his license was suspended for driving while intoxicated and that the accident resulted in a death.  

Charging in the case was moved to the Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office because the death was of an employee at the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office. 

Danny Klebetz faces two counts of third-degree theft, along with two counts for fourth-degree theft and shoplifting.   

Jason McCracken faces third-degree counts for resisting arrest and criminal mischief, along with a fourth-degree count for aggravated assault.  

The indictment states that McCracken damaged the property of Cape Regional Health System. The damage was more than $2,000. 

Andrianna Bortles, Andrew Harris, and Christopher Kotewere jointly indicted on two counts of third-degree possession of a CDS, methamphetamine and fentanyl, and one count of third-degree conspiracy.  

Bortles was individually named in a fourth-degree count for hindering apprehension. 

Andrew Clarkwas indicted for second-degree burglary, third-degree aggravated assault, and fourth-degree criminal mischief. 

Jerry Belcher, Christopher Bailey, Ashley Hainsworth, Laurie Tester, Edwin O. Lopez, Vincent R. Dolce, and Vincent Zumpanowere individually indicted for third-degree possession of a CDS.  

Zumpano and Dolce were each named on two counts of possession. Dolce also faces a count for illegal possession of a prescription legend drug. 

Domenic Catarcio faces two fourth-degree counts for possession of a prohibited weapon, a switchblade knife, and certain person. Catarcio was convicted of burglary,in 2008. 

David J. Fletcherwas indicted for arson and possession of a CDS, fentanyl, each count third degree. The arson involved an apartment on Wildwood Avenue, in Wildwood. 

Kierra Williamsfaces a fourth-degree count for possession of a prohibited weapon, a switchblade knife. 

Andrew Johnson was indicted for possession of a weapon for unlawful purposes, a metal chain, third degree, along with unlawful possession of a weapon and criminal mischief, each count fourth degree.    

Janine Diamond faces a third-degree count of possession of a CDS, alprazolam, along with a second-degree count of endangering the welfare of a child. 

Tara Tomes, Edward Franchville, Jeffrey Gleeson, Joseph Harris, Duane Pitt, Eric M. Reighn, and Jonathan J. Duerr were indicted individually on one count of third-degree escape.  

In each case, the individual removed themselves from official detention without permission.  

Lisa Pisasalewas indicted for aggravated assault and possession of a weapon for unlawful purposes, a glass. Each count was in the third degree. 

Lawrence Goolsbywas named in a three-count indictment for aggravated assault, making terroristic threats, and possession of a weapon for unlawful purposes, a sheet rock knife. All three counts were in the third degree. 

John J. Jordanwas indicted for invasion of privacy, third degree. 

Jonathan W. Georgefaces two counts of third-degree burglary, along with two counts of theft, one in the third degree and one in the fourth degree.  

The indictment states that George illegally entered two vehicles, in Sea Isle City, taking moveable property from each. 

William D. Broughtonwas indicted for robbery and aggravated assault, both counts second degree. 

Michael A. Testafaces two third-degree counts for criminal mischief and terroristic threats. The indictments states Testa was responsible for over $2,000 in damage to the property of Sea Isle City. Despite the similarity of name, this is not Sen. Michael L. Testa Jr. (R-1st).   

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