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COURT HOUSE - Cape May County Prosecutor Jeffrey H. Sutherland and Cape May Police Chief Anthony Marino announced, in a Jan. 10 release, the arrest of Dustin A. Peters, 25, of Wilmington, N.C., for possession of assault firearms, unlawful possession of handgun, possession of hollow point ammunition, high-capacity magazines and other weapon related charges.

According to the release, the investigation was a joint effort of the Cape May Police Department, Coast Guard Police Department, Coast Guard Investigative Services, Cape May County Prosecutor's Office, and Federal Bureau of Investigation Joint Terrorism Task Force.

Peters was stopped by Coast Guard Security Jan. 9 for a routine security check on his vehicle at the entrance of the Coast Guard Training Center. During the check Peters was observed to be in possession of hollow point ammunition.

As per security protocols, a further investigation was initiated and it was discovered that Peters was in possession of a handgun in violation of New Jersey statutes.

At that time, as per co-current jurisdiction agreements, the Cape May Police Department was brought into the investigation. Upon further investigation, Peters was found to be in possession of an illegal assault weapon, numerous high capacity magazines for this weapon, body armor, and many rounds of ammunition. It was determined that Peters went to the base to attend a graduation ceremony.

Peters was subsequently charged with unlawful possession of a weapon, unlawful possession of a machine gun, possession of an assault firearm, possession of prohibited weapon, possession of hollow-point ammunition, and 10 counts of possession of high capacity ammunition magazines.

Peters was lodged in the Cape May County Correctional Facility pending court proceedings as per bail reform. Members of the Cape May County Prosecutor's Office and the Federal Bureau of Investigation Joint Terrorism Task Force were notified and responded to assist due to the types of weapons and ammunition found and that the incident occurred at a military base.

The above was received from a law enforcement agency. The person named if innocent unless proven otherwise.

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