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NORTH WILDWOOD -- The following is an arrest and charge summary for the North Wildwood Police Department from July 14 to July 31, 2018:

July 14, 2018:

- Jillian Boucher, 27/F, Middle Island, NY (Poss. CDS-Marijuana under 50g, Poss. Drug Paraphernalia)

- Sean Hagan, 25/M, Philadelphia, PA (Contempt of Court)

- Agnieszka Waters, 22/F, Wildwood Crest, NJ (DWI)

- Kerry Piergiovanni, 45/F, North Wildwood, NJ (Contempt of Court)

- John Grandizio, 34/M, North Wildwood, NJ (Disorderly Conduct)

July 15, 2018:

- JUVENILE, 17/F, Philadelphia, PA (Poss. CDS-Marijuana under 50g, Poss. Drug Paraphernalia)

- Frank Marasa, 19/M, Turnersville, NJ (Enter Licensed Premise w/Intent to Purchase)

July 16, 2018:

- Justin McCausland, 26/M, Cape May, NJ (Forgery, Uttering a False Check, Burglary, Theft, Contempt of Court)

- Carol Saler, 56/F, Lindenwold, NJ (DWI)

July 17, 2018:

- Alyssa Bourque, 19/F, Douglas, MA (Disorderly Conduct)

- Brad McCloskey, 34/M, Evesham Twp., NJ (DWI, Poss. CDS-Marijuana under 50g, Poss. Drug Paraphernalia)

- Joseph Houston, 19/M, McKeesport, PA (Underage Poss. Alcohol)

July 18, 2018:

- Musa Gilbert, 20/M, Douglassville, PA (Hindering Apprehension)

- Alejandro Ossa, 19/M, Philadelphia, PA (Poss. Prohibited Weapons)

- Thomas Weidman, 36/M, Wildwood, NJ (Contempt of Court)

July 19, 2018:

- Kevin Lare, 19/M, Erma. NJ (Underage Poss. Alcohol)

- Olga Santiago, 44/F, Wildwood, NJ (Contempt of Court)

- Jasson Baker, 30/M, North Wildwood, NJ (Contempt of Court)

- Nicholas Diaz, 54/M, Villas, NJ (Contempt of Court)

- Heris Gutierrez-Guevara, 22/M, Dundalk, MD (Poss. CDS-Marijuana under 50g)

July 20, 2018:

- Rostislav Kisel, 19/M, Bloomfield, NJ (Poss. CDS-Marijuana under 50g)

- Nicholas Catanese, 31/M, Oceanside, CA (Poss. CDS-Marijuana under 50g)

July 21, 2018:

- Kevin McNasby-Coghlan, 25/M, Philadelphia, PA (Contempt of Court)

- Dawn Lloyd, 48/F, Wildwood, NJ (Shoplifting)

- William Irvin, 43/M, Philadelphia, PA (DWI)

July 22, 2018:

- Brian Hamill, 44/M, Hatboro, PA (Contempt of Court)

- Garth Knowlton, 41/M, Hammonton, NJ (Contempt of Court)

- Daniel Murray, 22/M, Philadelphia, PA (Disorderly Conduct, Theft)

- Mohamed Khedr, 26/M, Brooklyn, NY (Poss. CDS-Marijuana under 50g, Poss. Drug Paraphernalia)

- John Weiss, 31/M, Philadelphia, PA (Contempt of Court)

- Robert Ribikauskas, 44/M, Philadelphia, PA (Contempt of Court)

July 23, 2018:

- Scott Kane, 27/M, Wildwood, NJ (Poss. CDS, Burglary, Theft)

- Charles Ruff, 47/M, Villas, NJ (Contempt of Court)

July 24, 2018:

- Maura McCaffery, 36/F, Philadelphia, PA (Aggravated Assault on Law Enforcement Officer, Resisting Arrest, Obstruction, Disorderly Conduct)

- Mark Kruk, 33/M, Wildwood Crest, NJ (DWI)

- JUVENILE, 16/M, Philadelphia, PA (Theft)

- Joseph Strazziere, 36/M, Bensalem, PA (Contempt of Court)

- Janelle Mitchell, 27/F, Allentown, PA (Criminal Mischief, Contempt of Court)

- Kayla Dawson, 18/F, Partlow, VA (Poss. CDS-Marijuana under 50g)

July 25, 2018:

- Thomas Ricciardi, 38/M, Cape May Court House, NJ (Aggravated Assault)

- James Rambo, 31/M, Cape May, NJ (Aggravated Assault)

July 26, 2018:

- Felipe Matias-Arreola, 29/M, Dorchester, NJ (Contempt of Court)

- Stanley VanNote, 22/M, Wildwood, NJ (DWI)

July 27, 2018:

- Cheryl Deegan, 33/F, North Wildwood, NJ (Contempt of Court)

July 28, 2018:

- JUVENILE, 16/M, Freehold, NJ (Hindering Apprehension)

- Michael O'Malley, 22/M, Philadelphia, PA (Contempt of Court)

- David Ditro, 48/M, Philadelphia, PA (Contempt of Court)

July 29, 2018:

- T'Lene Dowling, 32/F, Philadelphia, PA (Poss. Drug Paraphernalia, Contempt of Court)

- Michael Barr, 27/M, Philadelphia, PA (Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Arrest)

- James Reeves, 38/M, Philadelphia, PA (Simple Assault)

- JUVENILE, 15/M, Wildwood, NJ (Burglary, Theft)

- Michael D'Angelo, 19/M, Hatboro, PA (Underage Poss. Alcohol)

- Maciana Mazzeo, 18/F, Glassboro, NJ (Underage Poss. Alcohol)

- Gerald Watson, 19/M, Philadelphia, PA (Underage Poss. Alcohol)

- Christopher Kuhar, 19/M, Philadelphia, PA (Underage Poss. Alcohol)

- Peter Mastromarco, 48/M, Southampton, PA (DWI, Poss. CDS, Contempt of Court)

July 30, 2018:

- Jahquees Johnson, 19/M, Cape May Court House, NJ (Contempt of Court)

The above individuals are only charged with the above-mentioned offenses and are presumed innocent until proven guilty.                               


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