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COURT HOUSE - A Cape May County grand jury handed up 23 indictments Oct. 29. 

The abbreviation CDS below stands for controlled dangerous substance. All individuals listed are presumed innocent unless proven guilty.

Christopher W. Hutson

Christopher Hutson, 30, of Goshen, faces eight counts related to a domestic violence assault in August. He was indicted on two third-degree counts of aggravated assault, a third-degree count for making terroristic threats, along with two counts of resisting arrest and aggravated assault on police officers. Each of the four counts is third degree. There is a last count for fourth-degree obstructing the administration of law.

William Beheler

William Beheler, 47, of Erma, faces second and third-degree counts for aggravated assault related to a domestic violence incident. He also has a third-degree count for terroristic threats.

Tyree Baskerville

Tyree Baskerville, of Wildwood, was indicted for fourth-degree possession of a prohibited weapon, a spring assisted knife.

Rayven A. McCarraher, Arthur T. Chester

Rayven McCarraher, 20, and Arthur Chester, 33, both of Villas, face a count of third-degree possession of a CDS, heroin.

Darryl H. Byrd

Darryl Byrd, 56, of Philadelphia, was indicted on three counts of third-degree endangering the welfare of a child after he was arrested in July for driving while intoxicated with three children, ages 10 to 14, in the car.

Brian Donnelly, Martin Perez, Jared Erhart, Luis Perez

Brian Donnelly, Martin Perez, Jared Erhart, and Luis Perez were jointly indicted for second-degree aggravated assault and conspiracy. A conviction for a second-degree offense can carry a jail sentence up to 10 years. The incident, involving a male victim, occurred in Wildwood in June.

Mercedes A. Dorsey 

Mercedes Dorsey, 27, of Court House, faces two counts of possession of a CDS, heroin and cocaine, as well as two counts of possession with intent to distribute. All counts are third degree.

Stephon J. Frame 

Stephon Frame, 34, of Villas, was indicted for possession of a CDS, fentanyl, third degree, along with fourth-degree intent to distribute drug paraphernalia.

Joseph M. Devine, John J. Jordan, Justin M. Jordan, John L. Rue, Brian W. Sessa, Steven Silnicki

The individuals listed were separately indicted on a single count of possession of a CDS, third degree.

Manbir Singh

Manbir Singh, 21, faces a fourth-degree count for criminal mischief for damage to property at the Cape May County Correctional Facility, where he is currently being held.

Martin E. Tankle

Martin Tankle, 66, of Rio Grande, was indicted for possession of a CDS, heroin, and possession with intent to distribute. Both counts are third degree.

Darnell Johnson

Darnell Johnson, of Wildwood, faces both a second-degree and third-degree count for aggravated assault on a female victim in June. The indictment states that Johnson used a deadly weapon, a car steering wheel lock.

There is also a third-degree count for possession of a weapon for unlawful purpose, as well as a fourth-degree count for unlawful possession of a weapon.

Daniel J. Mackell

A grand jury indictment states that over the Fourth of July holiday in Stone Harbor, Daniel Mackell engaged in sexual assault, second degree, criminal restraint, third degree, and criminal sexual contact, fourth degree.

Brandon Krecko 

Brandon Krecko, 25, of Philadelphia, faces a fourth-degree count for possession of a prohibited weapon, a gravity knife.

Cole Randall 

Cole Randall is accused of having engaged in “conduct which created substantial risk of serious bodily injury to another.” The incident occurred in Wildwood in May. Randall faces a fourth-degree count for endangering another.

John R. Roy

John Roy, of Wildwood, is facing two third-degree counts for false alarm and possession of a CDS, methadone.

Ira G. Merritt 

Ira Merritt, 45, of Rio Grande, was indicted on a second-degree count of robbery. The indictment claims that Merritt inflicted serious bodily injury on a victim while committing a theft.

Tabeer Hawkins 

Tabeer Hawkins was indicted on five counts related to criminal drug activity in Middle Township in June. Hawkins faces two third-degree counts of possession of a CDS, heroin and methamphetamine. 

The indictment also contains two counts for possession with intent to distribute, one second degree and one third degree. A final third-degree count for hindering apprehension is included as well.

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