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The abbreviation CDS below stands for controlled dangerous substance. 

A “certain person not to have weapons” charge can be made against an individual found in possession of a weapon even though a previous felony conviction banned weapons possession.

All individuals listed are presumed innocent unless proven guilty.

Shafiq Smith, Raekwon Cade, William Smith

A Whitesboro family barbecue turned violent May 25 when an altercation involving William Smith, 47, of Swainton and two of his sons, Shafiq Smith, 24, of Court House, and Raekwon Cade, 23, of Rio Grande, ended up in a melee that resulted in a 15-count indictment.

Shafiq Smith was indicted for aggravated assault, two counts of unlawful possession of a weapon and possession of a weapon for unlawful purposes, each count being in the second degree. He also faces two third-degree assault and weapons counts. The weapons in question were a handgun, a knife, and a baseball bat.

Raekwon Cade faces two third-degree weapons counts along with a fourth-degree charge for criminal mischief after using a baseball bat to damage the property of William Smith.

William Smith faces counts for third-degree theft and receiving stolen property, along with a fourth-degree count for certain person after Smith was found to possess a handgun although he was forbidden to have a weapon due to a 1996 conviction for possession of a CDS.

Michael B. Thomson

Michael Thomson, 34, of Mt. Laurel, was indicted for possession of a CDS, heroin, along with theft and burglary. All counts were in the third degree.

Thomson’s indictment lists 10 separate automobiles he is said to have burglarized between July 7, 2018, and May 11, 2019.

James Vernon

James Vernon, of Wildwood, was indicted on one count of certain person. He was found in possession of a knife even though he had been convicted of felony possession of a CDS in 2013.

Walter Wood

Walter Wood, of Wildwood Crest, was indicted for burglary and theft, each in the third degree.

Bridget Zerambo, Pedro L. Lopez-Acevedo

Pedro Lopez-Acevedo, of Wildwood, faces a third-degree count for possession of a CDS with intent to distribute and a second-degree count for possession with intent within 500 feet of public property, the Wildwood Boardwalk.

Bridget Zerambo, also of Wildwood, shared a count with Lopez-Acevedo for third-degree possession of a CDS, fentanyl.

Pedro Arroya-Gonzalez, Michael Cook, James E. Redman, Tarik K. Diktas, Patrick F. Dougherty, Ernest Irons, James E. Redman, Kelly A. Young

The eight individuals listed all face an indictment for one count of possession of a CDS in the third degree.

Benjamin Cain

Benjamin Cain was indicted for making a false report to a Middle Township police officer in which he knowingly tried to “falsely implicate another” in a crime. The count is in the third degree.

James Bartee

James Bartee was indicted for third-degree burglary and fourth-degree theft of a residence on New Jersey Avenue in Wildwood.

Anthony L. Johnson

Anthony Johnson faces a fourth-degree indictment for possession of a prohibited weapon, a knife, for which he had “no explainable lawful reason.”

Robert E. Girardo

Robert Girardo was indicted for making terroristic threats and aggravated assault, both in the third degree. The incident with a female victim occurred in Upper Township in May.

Alexander Gipe

Alexander Gipe, of Cape May, faces two counts for aggravated criminal sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a child, each count is in the third degree.

Carly M. Fretz

Carly Fretz, 43, of Woodlyn, Pa., was indicted for three counts of possession of a CDS, methamphetamine, oxycodone, and phentermine, along with possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine. All counts were in the third degree.

Mark J. Ferrari

Mark Ferrari, of Sea Isle City, was indicted for third-degree stalking and fourth-degree contempt of a judicial restraining order.

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