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ED. NOTE: Readers are reminded that not only are all individuals listed below presumed innocent unless proven guilty, but there may also be multiple individuals who share the same name, even in the same town. 

COURT HOUSE - A Cape May County grand jury handed up 16 indictments March 16. 

The abbreviation CDS below stands for controlled dangerous substance.   

A "certain person" charge can be brought against individuals whose previous convictions bar them from having weapons. 

James N. Purdy was indicted for defrauding the administration of a drug test, third degree, along with possession of a device for defrauding a drug test, fourth degree.

Jeremy S. Horniacek and Tala J. Sun were named in an eight-count indictment. Horniacek faces a second-degree count for aggravated assault, third-degree possession of a weapon, a knife, for unlawful purposes and three fourth-degree counts for unlawful possession of a weapon, possession of a CDS, flouro-ABD, and certain person, relating to a 2017 conviction for burglary. 

Sun faces three fourth-degree counts for obstructing the administration of law, hindering apprehension and aggravated assault.

Hannah Loper was indicted for possession of a weapon, a knife, for unlawful purposes, third degree, along with two fourth-degree counts for unlawful possession of a weapon and certain person related to a 2020 conviction of aggravated assault.

Damian J. LeBlanc was indicted for fourth-degree contempt of a pre-trial release order.

Marie J. Pagan Perez and Sidney R. Gray were separately and independently indicted for operating a motor vehicle during second license suspension, fourth degree.

Donald G. Riggins faces a third-degree count for possession of a weapon, a folding pocketknife, for unlawful purposes, third degree, as well as unlawful possession of a weapon, fourth degree.

Timothy R. Dolly was indicted on two third-degree counts for unlawful possession of a weapon, a .22 caliber rifle, along with a second-degree count for certain person. 

Dolly has a previous conviction for “keeping and selling” a CDS, in North Carolina.

Joseph G. Hayes was indicted for two third-degree counts of burglary, as well as two counts of theft, one in the third and one in the fourth degree. One burglary involved illegal entry into a home and the other an automobile.

Jason K. Madkiff was indicted for fourth-degree theft from an Upper Township motel.

Carilyn Sierra-Gonzalez was indicted for third-degree theft from a Middle Township retail store.

Christopher G. Loperleveille and Matthew I. Verg were jointly indicted for third-degree possession of a CDS, methamphetamine. Loperleveille also faces a second third-degree count for possession of alprazolam, along with a fourth-degree count for hindering apprehension.

Vincent S. Cannizzaro and Michael J. Labenz were separately and independently indicted for shoplifting from a Rio Grande grocery store. 

Cannizzaro faces a third-degree count, and Labenz faces a fourth-degree count.

Jahkime Blake was indicted for fraudulent use of a credit card, third degree.

Ralph Otto was named in a three-count indictment for resisting arrest, third degree, along with aggravated assault and obstructing the administration of law, both fourth degree.

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