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CAPE MAY - Cape May City Councilman Christopher Bezaire has been incarcerated in the Cape May County Correctional Facility since he was arrested June 16. Bezaire was charged with cyber harassment, disclosure of intimate images of another person without their consent, stalking and contempt of a court order.

The Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office June 25 announced new charges against Bezaire, relating to the harassment of a second victim. He is accused of posting lewd and obscene images of a second victim, with the intent to inflict emotional harm to the victim. 

Bezaire is also charged with an additional count of contempt and impersonation. The prosecution claims Bezaire created a false Facebook account and posted to it in the second victim’s name.

Bezaire remains in jail until another detention hearing scheduledJune 28. That hearing will consider the original and new charges. 

Under New Jersey’s bail reform laws, the court must then decide whether Bezaire can be released, pending trial.

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