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NORTH WILDWOOD -- During a typical April day in the Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) Lab at Margaret Mace Elementary School, there would be the sound of students at work. There would also be the buzz of 3D printers.  

Students use the program Tinker CAD to create designs to solve new and different problems as part of the curriculum. Until recently, the 3D printers sat idle in the empty classroom.  

That is when a decision was made to use the printers to solve a real-world problem. The continuous wearing of protective gear has created stress on the back of the ears of health care workers from the constant wearing of the mask.

A quick search of the Internet and a solution was found. The 3D printers were used to create a band, which connects to a facemask taking the pressure off of the back of the ears. 

STEM Teacher, Rich Morinelli, came to school and began printing the headbands. These headbands were distributed to Cape Regional Medical Center and Atlanticare Regional Medical Center for doctors and nurses to wear. 

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