State Trooper on Vacation Rescues Man from Drowning

Detective Sgt. First Class George Wren posing with a state police vehicle. 

SEA ISLE CITY - Detective Sgt. First Class George Wren was vacationing in Sea Isle City Aug. 3, when he rescued a swimmer caught in a riptide.

According to a release, moments after expressing the dangers of rip currents to his children, a woman approached Wren screaming that a man was drowning. He observed the man about 75 yards from shore drifting into the ocean.

Wren used a surfboard to navigate the current to swim to the victim. When he reached the swimmer the man appeared fatigued, struggling to stay afloat. Wren assisted the man onto the surfboard, and swam with him back to shore where he was treated by emergency personnel.

It was determined that the man had suffered a heart attack when he was rescued. He has been released from the hospital, and is recovering.

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