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After months of delay, demolitions are finally underway on the 3600 block of Pacific Avenue, in Wildwood.

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WILDWOOD - After months of delay, demolitions are finally underway on the 3600 block of Pacific Avenue, in Wildwood.  

The former locations of the Fairview Café, 2nd Street Annie’s, and M.T. Bottles were supposed to be demolished in the spring for a 74-unit housing complex intended for foreign students who work in Wildwood during the summer on a J-1 visa. However, the demolition was delayed due to a lack of Coastal Area Facility Review Act (CAFRA) permits.  

“They were received probably within the last 30 days,” Mayor Pete Byron said, regarding the permits. “Unfortunately, we lost the summer, as a result of needing the CAFRA permits, but better late than never.” 

Needing CAFRA permits was not originally anticipated, but the state admitted it made a mistake and that the developers would need permits for both demolition and construction 

“We’re moving forward,” Byron said. “What you see on Pacific Avenue and around town is called progress.” 

Recently, residents noticed the demolition, pointing out that some dated structures have come down. 

Particularly in the Herald’s Spout Off, someone wrote, “Wow! Wildwood is really cleaning house on Pacific Avenue. Those old buildings are finally coming down.”  

Below the 74 units marketed toward J-1 students, there will also be a restaurant and pool bar on the first floor, which is designated for commercial use. The first floor’s commercial area will also include two other establishments, but it is still unknown what will be moving into those locations, according to Byron.  

“There will be commercial activity in those units, as well,” he said.  

BG Capital, a Philadelphia real estate firm, is the developer of the project. The area was deemed as an “area in need of redevelopment” for the project by the Wildwood Board of Commissioners Feb. 24.  

The firm currently has three projects in Wildwood, which include the redevelopment of a full square block that St. Ann Rectory and school once occupied, as well as another smaller residential project.  

The firm did not return a phone message for comment. 

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