Details for Spiaggetta

THANKSGIVING WEEKEND WILD GAME SPECIALS WILD BOAR BOLOGNESE PAPPARDELLE PASTA Open NYE VENISON SAUSAGE WITH BROCCOLI RABE Call for 2 Seatings “Seven Fish BONE-IN PHEASANT “CACCIATORE STYLE” 6:30 &WILD BOAR BOLOGNESE PAPPARDELLE PASTA Dinner” BUFFALO FILET, BOURBON REDUCTION Saturday 8:30pm VENISON SAUSAGE WITH RABE 12/14 Specials and regular menuBROCCOLI will be available Friday & Saturday November 29 & 30 starting at 4:30 pm BONE -IN PHEASANT "CACCIATORE Closed Thanksgiving Day, Taking reservations for “TheSTYLE" Seven Fish Dinner” Call for "Seven Fish Spiaggetta, 9800 ThirdFILET, Avenue,BOURBON Stone Harbor, NJ 08247 (609) 368-9400 BUFFALO REDUCTION