Art of Gymnastics & Cheer Celebrate Wins at First Meet of the Season

Congratulations to Art of Gymnastics & Cheer gymnastics team, who competed in their first meet of the season. The girls did an outstanding job.

Five out of seven competitors were new to their team this year, and they proved that they were ready and gave excellent performances.

Here are highlights from the recent competition gymnastics meet:

Copper 2 Team

Kaira G (Lower Township)

9.4 Uneven Bars - 1st place

9.3 Vault - 1st place

36.850 All-Around - 1st place

Alanna N (Middle Township)

9.15 Floor Exercise - 2nd place

8.88 Balance Beam - 2nd place

Reese M (Wildwood Crest)

8.8 Uneven Bars - 2nd place

8.56 Vault - 3rd place

Copper 1 Team

Caroline K (Middle Township)

9.0 Floor Exercise - 1st place

8.9 Vault - 1st place

34.200 All-Around - 1st place

Sam M (Wildwood Crest)

8.850 Vault - 2nd place

8.350 Balance Beam - 2nd place

Mariah T (Middle Township)

8.4 Balance Beam - 1st place

8.0 Vault - 2nd place

1st Place Team: Copper 1

1st Place Team: Copper 2

A special congratulations to Kaira G., who won every event with first place, and also first place all-around, with a score of 36.8. She was also the highest-scoring gymnast at the event in every level and age division.