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The following are results from recent games played in the Wildwood Crest Recreation summer basketball leagues:


Monday, July 13

Chris Henderson Realty 47, Smitty’s Parking Lots 35: Seamus Fynes tallied 15 points and Jimmy Kurtz added 14 points for the winners. Smitty’s received 12 points from Ernie Troiano IV and five points from Tyler Bailey.

Crestfully Clean 61, Casiello Construction 45: Michael Zarfati’s 18 points and Christian Short’s 11 points carried Crestfully Clean. Joel Robinsnon, and Macey Bonner netted 19 points apiece in the loss.

Alfe’s Restaurant 59, Sam’s Pizza 47: J.P. Baron sank 15 points and Dylan Delvecchio chipped in 13 points for Alfe’s. Omarian McNeal led all scorers, with 24 points, and David Zarfati added seven points in the loss.

Wednesday, July 15

Alfe’s Restaurant 34, Smitty’s Parking Lots 33: J.P. Baron pumped in 20 points and Patrick McGuinn added four points for Alfe’s. Ryan Troiano scored 11 points and Dom Troiano chipped in nine points in the loss.

Chris Henderson Realty 52, Casiello Construction 48: Seamus Fynes exploded for 34 points and Ethan Burke scored six points for CHR. Mackey Bonner (21) and Steven Sheets (14) each scored in double figures in the loss.

Sam’s Pizza 64, Crestfully Clean 58: Omarian McNeal’s 20 points and Davi Zarfati’s 16 points led Sam’s. Kevin Castro netted 17 points and John Leahy produced 13 points in the loss.

Standings: Chris Henderson Realty 3-0, Alfe’s Restaurant 3-0, Smitty’s Parking Lots 1-2, Crestfully Clean 1-2, Sam’s Pizza 1-2, Casiello Construction 0-3.

GRADES 3-5 Co-ed

Tuesday, July 14

Lunch With Lynch 20, Wawa Markets 6: Addison Troiano collected 10 points and Evan Papageorgiou and Colin Flaherty each chipped in four points for Lunch With Lynch. Riley Williams, Giuseppe Tenaglia and Robert Calia each sank two points in the loss.

Poppi’s Pizza 27, Saratoga Inn 8: Rio Pitts netted 10 points and Bohdan Osadschuk scored eight points for Poppi’s. Joey Martin, Carter Givner, Owen Bannon and Rome Pitts each had two points in the loss.

Thursday, July 16

Poppi’s Pizza 14, Lunch With Lynch 12: Callan Murtha, Aidan Murtha and Rio Pitts each collected four points for Poppi’s. Crew Fuscellaro scored four points and Addison Troiano added three in the loss.

Saratoga Grill 21, Wawa Markets 20: Gabriel Volpe netted eight points and Katie Eichenhofer sank seven points for Saratoga Grill. Theo Margarites tallied 10 points and Charlie Flickinger chipped in four points for Wawa.

Standings: Poppi’s Pizza 3-1, Wawa Markets 2-2, Saratoga Grill 2-2, Lunch With Lynch 1-3.

GRADES 6-8 Co-ed

Tuesday, July 14

Big Top Surfin’ Sundae 46, Adventurer Oceanfront Inn 32: Gavin Burns pumped in 18 points and Aaron James added seven points for Surfin’ Sundae. Grace Murphy’s eight points and Keynan Alston’s six points paced the Adventurer.

Dogtooth Bar & Grill 73, Domino’s Pizza 37: Robert Andrews (14) and Reagan Flickinger (10) paced a balanced attack for the Dogtooth. Domino’s got 13 points from Cade Vogdes and five points from Troy Cignetti.

Duffer’s Ice Cream 58, Cone Crazy 40: Brian Cunniff’s 21 points and Carter Short’s 14 points led Duffer’s. Mark Stendardo scored 14 points and Joey Wareham contributed 11 points for Cone Crazy.

Thursday, July 16

Dogtooth Bar & Grill 50, Cone Crazy 22: Aydan Howell (12) and Ryan McGrath (10) each scored in double figures for the winners. Mark Stendardo posted six points and Gavin Reigner contributed four in the loss.

Duffer’s Ice Cream 62, Adventurer Oceanfront Inn 35: Carter Short poured in 26 points and Chuckie Clunn deposited 18 points for Duffer’s. Shayne McCormac scored 11 points and Keynan Alston added nine points in the loss.

Domino’s Pizza 52, Big Top Surfin’ Sundae 42: Gavin Burns put up 22 points and George William added eight points for Domino’s. Cade Vogdes produced 22 points and Nick Antonicello added 10 points in the loss.

Standings: Dogtooth Bar & Grill 4-0, Duffer’s Ice Cream 4-0, Cone Crazy 1-3, Adventurer Oceanfront Inn 1-3, Big Top Surfin’ Sundae 1-3, Domino’s Pizza 1-3.

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