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Gone Crazy, the Grades 6-8 Division champions of Wildwood Crest's Summer Youth Basketball League.

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WILDWOOD CREST - Wildwood Crest released week 6 statistics from its recreational youth summer basketball league:

High School

Aug. 2 

Casiello Construction 63, Alfe’s Restaurant 51: Junior Hans (16) and John Podgorski (14) led the winners. Brady Eagan scored a game-high 20 points, and Brian Cunniff chipped in eight points in the loss.

Water’s Edge Oceanfront Resort 38, Robert Murray Builders 36: Brett Hemphill posted 12 points, and Chuckie Clunn contributed seven points for Water’s Edge. Preston Cafiero and Aydan Howell each netted nine points for RMB. 

Mudhen Brewery 55, Smitty’s Parking Lots 40: Dom Troiano topped all scorers with 21 points, and Joel Hutchinson tallied 17 points for the winners. Christian Short (13) and Branden Hemphill (12) led Smitty’s. 

Aug. 4 

Playoff – Casiello Construction 59, Alfe’s Restaurant 56: Jordan Fusik tallied 15 points, and Junior Hans added 13 points for CC. Alfe’s got a game-best 27 points from J.P. Baron, and 13 points from Brady Eagan. 

Playoff – Mudhen Brewery 63, Smitty’s Parking 52: Joel Hutchinson topped all scorers, with 23 points, and Ernie Troiano IV posted 15 points for the winners. Christian Short (16) and Branden Hemphill (12) were each in double figures for Smitty’s. 

Grades 4-5

Aug. 3 

Poppi’s Pizza 28, Clipper Dipper Ice Cream 17: Poppi’s finished with a balanced scoring attack behind six points apiece from Ryan Davenport and Michael Sciarra and five points from Ryan Hebert. Drew Robinson netted a game-best 13 points, and Brooklyn Loughead added two points in the loss. 

Adventurer Oceanfront Inn 26, Law Office of Seth A. Fuscellaro 24: Finnegan Chaney poured in a game-high 20 points, and James Bradley, Colin Flaherty and Dylan Zuccarello each added two points for the winners. Callan Murtha scored 13 points and Michael Sharkey added four points in the loss. 

Lunch With Lynch 30, Big Top Surfin’ Sundae 21: Owen Bannon collected 16 points, and Braden Mickus added five points for Lunch With Lynch. Joey Martin gathered 17 points, and Jack McCann added four points in the loss. 

Aug. 5 

Playoff – Poppi’s Pizza 35, Big Top Surfin’ Sundae 23: Michael Sciarra collected 17 points, and Luca Santana added seven points for Poppi’s. Joey Martin’s 10 points and Jack McCann’s five points led Surfin’ Sundae. 

Playoff – Law Office of Seth A. Fuscellaro 38, Lunch With Lynch 28: Callan Murtha netted 12 points, and Crew Fuscellaro chipped in nine points for the law office. Carter Givner and Owen Bannon each scored 12 points in the loss. 

Grades 6-8

Aug. 3 

Playoff – Cabrera Hospitality 33, Casiello Basketball 25: Joey Conely scored eight points, and Danny Benichou added seven points for the winners. Stephen Kmetz tallied 10 points, and Patrick Flaherty chipped in seven points for Cabrera Hospitality. 

Playoff – Cone Crazy 47, Dogtooth Bar & Grill 18: Robert Andrews sank a game-high 19 points, and Jak Kurtz contributed nine points for Cone Crazy. The Dogtooth got seven points from Nick Hebert and four points from Quinn Reigner. 

Consolation – Winnie’s Manayunk 31, Duffer’s Ice Cream 21: Declan Farrell produced 10 points, and Troy Cigetti and Cole Reilly added six points apiece for Winnie’s. Duffer’s got nine points from Nolan Mawhinney and five points from Shawn McCormac. 

Aug. 5 

Championship – Cone Crazy 40, Cabrera Hospitality 27: Robert Andrews exploded for 27 points and Jack Kurtz added eight points to lead Cone Crazy to the championship. Danny Benichou collected nine points, and Joey Conley registered seven points in the loss.

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