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New mother Lydia and her foal. The little female zebra is less than a month old. She was born April 16.

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COURT HOUSE – The Cape May County zoo announced the birth of two Grant’s Zebra foals May 11.

The first female foal was born to first time mom Lydia April 16. She and her baby have been kept in a quiet area in back of the barn. “Lydia has been an excellent mother and her foal is strong and growing quickly,” Dr. Alex Ernst, Associate Veterinarian, said in a statement.

The second female foal was born May 7 to Gretta. This youngest foal can be viewed in the zoo’s zebra habitat.

Zoo - Zebra - Gretta and Foul.jpeg

Gretta and her female foal, born May 7.

Both foals are the offspring of Ziggy, the herd stallion.

 At birth, both foals weighed in at around 50-60lbs and can stand and run within hours after birth. The gestation period for a Grant's Zebra is 12 to 13 months.  Like all mammals, these foal will be dependent on her milk for sustenance until they wean at around 10 months of age. 

"The County Zoo is thriving and we couldn't be more pleased to welcome two zebra foals to our Zoo family,” County Commissioner E. Marie Hayes said in a statement.

Grant's zebra are the smallest of the seven subspecies of the plains zebra and are part of the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem. They are not considered threatened, with more found in the wild than any other species or subspecies of zebra.

The Cape May County Zoo is open daily from 10 am until 4:30 pm, the County Parks are open daily from 7 am until dusk.

Zoo - Lydia's Foal.jpeg

Lydia's foal, born April 16.


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