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Getting a new pet is always an exciting time. But just like humans, animals are all different and it pays to do some research into the type of pet that’s going to be the best fit for your personality and lifestyle. There’s nothing worse than having a pet that just isn’t a great fit for you as this can become very distressing for both you and the animal. Along with doing some research into pet care, different breeds, costs, and more, it’s worth taking the time to figure out what your personality says about the type of pet you should get.

Introvert or Extrovert?

Whether you’re more introverted or extroverted should help you decide on the type of pet that will be a good fit for you. Research by Nuwber suggests that dogs are a top choice of pet for extroverts and it’s no surprise since dogs are pretty much the extroverts of the animal kingdom themselves. They are a great choice of pet if you want to get out, socialize more and meet new people as with all the dog walking, training classes, and more that you’ll be attending there will be ample chances to do just that. On the other hand, cats are an ideal pet for introverts because they too like to keep to themselves, and are quite happy to just get on with it if they’re left alone - as long as they have the necessities, of course.

Outdoor or Indoor Person?

Whether you prefer the outdoors or the indoors will help you choose whether a cat or a dog is the right option for you. Cats are a great pet for people who prefer to stay inside because they don’t require walking - although some cat owners do like to let their cat explore the neighborhood on a leash if they don’t feel safe to let them roam by themselves for any reason. On the other hand, dogs are great for people who love spending time outdoors because they require a lot of walking. If you’re a really outdoorsy person who enjoys activities like hiking and camping, a high-energy dog who can keep up might be the perfect pet for you.

Your Job:

Of course, your personality and preferences aren’t the only things to take into account when deciding whether a dog or a cat is the best pet for you. What you do for work should also be a key deciding factor when it comes to choosing the right type of pet. If you work long hours and would not be able to afford to have somebody come and check on your pet during the day, a cat will usually be an ideal pet since as long as they have food and water, they can usually entertain themselves with the toys, scratch posts and perches you get for them. On the other hand, dogs might be a better fit for somebody who works from home or works flexible hours that can easily be fit around walking and caring for their pet. Dogs typically struggle being left alone for long periods of time so if you work long hours, only consider getting a dog if you will be able to arrange for them to go to a dog daycare facility or have a dog walker come round to give them some attention and exercise during the day.


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