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As we deal with an active storm season this year, it is extremely important to take steps to prepare for the worst. Tropical storms and extreme weather can cause damage to your property, including your yard, fence, and home. Here are a few ways to protect your property when a storm is headed your way.

1. Make sure gates are securely latched.

For the best chance of avoiding broken gates, it is essential to make sure they are securely latched so they are not damaged during a storm by swinging wildly or slamming closed. If you have drop rods on your double gate, make sure they are down and in place. As an extra step, you can use zip ties on the latch before the storm as added protection against high winds.

2. Secure and store loose items in your yard.

Bring all loose items, such as patio furniture, lawn ornaments, potted plants, or toys, inside your home or shed to ensure nothing blows into your fence. If items are too large to bring inside, take the time to secure and anchor them with bungee cords, rope, chains, or weigh them down with sandbags.

3. Trim low hanging or dead branches.

Before the storm, take a walk around your property to assess the trees that surround your property. If there are any dead or dying trees, it’s good to get rid of them as soon as possible so they do not fall and damage your fence during the high winds. The same can be done for low hanging branches, especially any which hang over your fence, to keep them from falling on your fence, too.

If you take these preventative steps before a storm, you may be able to protect yourself from more damage and ensure that cleanup is minimal after a storm.

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