Caring for Your Fence This Spring

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Now that spring is here, outdoor projects are making their way back onto the to-do list. One project you don’t want to overlook is your fence.

It's an important part of your home that provides security, privacy and value, and it’s important to keep it strong and looking good. After the winter months, your fence could need a little TLC.

Follow these steps to get your fence in tip-top shape for the warmer months ahead:

Repair it

Fix broken latches and gates, and reinforce loose posts. Doing so will keep your fence nice and sturdy, plus help avoid any further damage.

Clear it

Remove any tree limbs or vegetation that has grown near your fence. Tree limbs can break off and damage your fence, and vegetation can grow around your fence and weaken its structure.

Clean it

Cleaning isn’t just for inside the house, consider power washing your wood or vinyl fence once or twice a year to keep it looking clean and new. Once your wood fence has dried, consider applying a stain or sealant to keep it looking good even longer!

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