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While traditional kitchen design calls for a triangular layout with the refrigerator, sink, and cooktop/oven at each point of the "work triangle," many designers currently think more in terms of kitchen zones—wet, dry, hot, and cold.

The cold zone includes the refrigerator, as well as storage drawers for wraps and kitchen storage containers. The wet zone consists of the sink; dishwasher; and other appliances that use water, such as the coffeemaker. The dry zone is composed of the food prep area, consisting of not only counter space, but also cabinets and a pantry. The range, cooktop, and microwave make up the hot zone. Of course, these zones can be expanded or replaced with others in accordance with user preferences.

 One of the best ways to set up a kitchen layout is to go through your normal day, observe your progressions through various phases of food prep, cooking, and storage, and then design the kitchen around your cooking tendencies.

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