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Seasonal Décor Storage

Thanksgiving will be here, in just a few short weeks, and Christmas is coming along just behind it. It can be overwhelming at the end of the holiday season trying to find storage space for all that new stuff. Buying a new shed and getting it in place now, can help alleviate some of that stress later.

Backyard Retreat

Hosting family gatherings can be great fun around the holidays, but you may find yourself wishing to escape the crowd for a while to work on your favorite hobby or read a book in peace and quiet.  A shed can be used for much more than just a storage space. With the right materials and a little bit of time, you can transform almost any shed into a private space to visit and relax or turn it into an extra guestroom!

Free Up Your Space

Adding a storage shed will enable you to clear out some of the clutter from your spare room, garage, or basement, which can free up a bedroom or office for visiting in-laws to stay in or provide a place to hide gifts from wandering eyes!

Seashore Sheds is open year-round. Stop by our outdoor showroom located at 507 Seashore Rd., Cape May, to view our in-stock sheds or to place an order for your custom design. We also offer 12-month special financing! Apply online at, or call (609) 884-3381 for more information.