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It has been a while since you all heard from “Jed.” I want to talk about shed moves. Say you want to sell your house. You don’t have to leave your shed.

Sheds are considered personal property, unless specifically stated in a sales agreement. So who do you call to move your shed? You call Jed’s Sheds because we move all sizes up to 12 x 30 and the cost is $350 plus $4 a loaded mile. Small sheds are less!

Jed’s Sheds is a full service company. We not only sell you a new shed, we create stone pads to hold your new shed.

We will also haul away your old stuff to the dump as to make room for your new shed or the one coming from your last house.

We do whatever it takes to get you a shed in your yard! We take down fences and bring you a pre-fab shed (a kit of premade panels) and assemble the shed in your backyard. About the only reason we can’t bring you a shed is you don’t have a yard at all!

For more information, call 609-390-8450.

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