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Sadly, summer doesn’t last forever. When fall arrives with its cooler temperatures, a lot of your warm-weather equipment becomes idle for the following months. If you’re struggling to find enough room for things like lawn mowers, gardening tools, and patio furniture, a shed could be just the solution for you.

Add a Ramp

Consider ordering a ramp along with your shed or adding it to an existing one.  Ramps make it much easier to wheel in your lawn mower and other heavy items.

Consider Loft Storage

Overhead storage is often overlooked because the preference is to keep everything at eye level or within close reach for convenience, but there are many items that only need to be accessed at certain times a year.  Season sports equipment, Patio umbrellas, outdoor decorations, and other items that are only used in the spring and summer months can be stored up and out of the way.

Take time to Declutter

Before you start putting your seasonal items away for the winter take some time to go through all the items in your shed and get rid of anything that old broken, old, or that you no longer need. You may find you have more free space than you think!

At Seashore Sheds and Gazebos, we have many sheds in-stock and available for quick delivery.  You can also order your own custom creation! Visit us at 507 Seashore Rd in Cape May to see what we have to offer.  You can also call us at 609-884-3381 or visit us online at for more information.

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