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School days, pumpkin spice, bonfires, and cool breezes – fall is here, which means that soon enough, winter is coming. As the seasons change and cooler weather sets in, it’s important to take care of any wear and tear your fence may have taken during the summer months and prepare for the cold ahead. Here are some things to look out for and how to deal with any problems that may arise:

Check your fence.

Take a good look at your wood fence for signs of rotting from a wet summer. Moisture can also lead to mold growth and mildew problems, so it is best to deal with them sooner or later. Check your fence posts for any wobblers, make sure your gate latches properly, and look for any loose, warped, or curving boards. If you do find any issues, be sure to take care of them before heavy snowfall to avoid expensive damage. While aluminum and vinyl fences are pretty sturdy against the changing seasons, you should still check for any damage.

Protect your fence.

Consider applying a waterproofing sealer to your wood fence for added protection from the elements. Although it is not a necessity for cedar fences, applying a sealant can be beneficial to any wood fence to help avoid splintering, cracking, and warping. To update the look of an older fence, first power wash to resurface the wood, then apply a stain. Once the stain is dry, follow with your sealer. Also, keep leaves, sticks, and snow away from the bottom of your fence. When debris builds up at the base, it can hold moisture in, eventually leading to rot, deformations, and, potentially, a falling fence. Signs of this include splitting, swelling, and discoloration for a wood fence.

If needed, replace your fence.

If you don’t think your fence will make it through the winter or if it has already sustained substantial damage, now is a great time to get an estimate for replacement.

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