Avoid Disaster this Winter With 8 Homeowner Tips from AICS

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With the change in temperatures, several items should be on your checklist:

  1. All outside water should be off and drained.
  2. In regards to the exterior spigots, frost free style is a great alternative.
  3. In the crawlspace, all vents should be closed from November through the end of March. Also, crawlspace entrances should be sealed to keep the wind out.
  4. For crawlspace vents, if your home has the older style cast units that rarely want to close with ease, consider the automatic units available that will open and close on their own.
  5. Although the cold is no doubt one of the many winter enemies that can create unwanted repairs for homeowners, the wind is the biggest issue, so be confident that the wind can’t enter your crawlspace. Wind, along with cold temperatures, can fuel a costly disaster.
  6. Have your plumbing inspected, and get an evaluation to determine if your home should have the water lines insulated, or possibly the thought of heat tape.
  7. Heat tape is an inexpensive option for keeping your pipes safe. These plug into a common receptacle, and have the option of being controlled by a thermostat. They can provide comfort, and only use electricity when needed.
  8. If you're a snow bird, having a water shut off in your home is a must! In a hall closet, bath vanity, or wherever, it is the best insurance money can buy when your home is vacant for any amount of time. Many people return to the area in the spring and witness a nightmare, which could have been avoided easily and inexpensively.

We, at AICS, can address any of the above and guide you through smooth times, so you can enjoy your home instead of worrying about it.

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