3 Tips for Ordering a Gazebo

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It may be cold now, but it is never too soon to start planning for spring. When the weather turns warm, you’ll be longing for a peaceful spot to enjoy the outdoors. A gazebo may be just the thing to take your outdoor living space to the next level. Here are 3 things to consider when ordering your gazebo.

What do you plan on using your gazebo for?

If you plan to use your new gazebo for outdoor dining, for example, you may want to consider ordering it with a screen package. This will make it easier to keep flies off of your food during the day and keep mosquitos at bay in the evening. Knowing what size and sort of furniture you’ll be using inside will help dictate the size needed for your gazebo as well.

What style and design elements will compliment your outdoor space?

Think about what shape will look best in your chosen location. Gazebos are available in oval, octagon, square, and rectangular shapes. There are also additional design elements that can be chosen to dress your gazebo, such as a double roof, decorative spindles, and more.

Will you need an electrical package?

If you always imagined your gazebo with a light or a ceiling fan inside, consider ordering it with an electrical package. You can order your gazebo pre-wired with a light or ceiling fan and outlets, so just call an electrician to get it hooked up to power once it has been delivered.

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