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Sending more time at home this past year has undoubtedly changed the relationship with living spaces. For many, that meant refreshing their homes — whether by upgrading a work from home space to include an actual desk or transforming a backyard into an outdoor oasis. If you’re looking to make some improvements to your home in 2021, there are plenty of projects worth taking on. Whether you’re looking to completely renovate a kitchen, add a home office, or just change up some of your fixtures, there’s a project for you.

Kitchen Organization

A complete kitchen overhaul may be out of budget or unnecessary for 2021. However, if you still want to give your kitchen a refresh there is an alternative: kitchen organization. This is a project that can be knocked out within a few hours on a Saturday or a couple of weeknights after work. Tackle the junk drawers and get ready to toss and organize. Clear the fridge and pantry before trash day of expired or stale food. If you have any unopened, unexpired nonperishable foods that you can spare, please consider donating to a local food bank or organization. Head to either Coastal Home Cabinetry, The Cabinet Shop or Jersey Shore Kitchen for any assistance in improving your kitchen. For more information on Coastal Home Cabinetry call (609) 463-1442 or visit For more information on The Cabinet Shop call (609) 463-0400 or visit For more information on Jersey Shore Kitchen call (609) 624-7575 or visit


With some sunlight and well-drained soil, you can be well on your way to creating a garden. Start with a simple garden to save money and learn more about growing produce that you can cook with. Perhaps try your hand at herbs or flowers. Trying to plant a tree can be a great activity for the whole family that can grow alongside you, as well as contributes to the good of the environment. Another facet of yard work is mosquito control. Contact Western Pests for all your yard control needs. For more information call (844) 213-6132 or visit

Heating and Cooling

Bowman's Cooling & Heating, Inc. offers furnace and air conditioning services in and around Wildwood. Whether a new installation is needed, or maintenance give Bowman’s a call. For more information please call (609) 522-0121or visit


Want to give a tired room a new look? Go for a statement wall – whether it’s wallpaper or a bold color, this is the perfect way to spend some time tapping into your creative energy. Perhaps put up the frames you have had laying around or create a gallery on the wall, using the new color as inspiration.


There is not much joy found in a space that feels cluttered or cramped. Make 2021 the year to keep your home comfortable, uncluttered, and clean! This is a home improvement project that is an inexpensive option. Devote a weekend to alleviate clutter in prominent storage spaces such as the basement, garage, and attic. This task will free up the storage in these spaces and make it easier to maintain the organization. Head to Habitat for Humanity Restore for all home storage or improvement needs. For more information call (609) 463-0244 or visit

Basement and Closets

To piggy-back off of the importance of maintaining a space that has less clutter, we implore you to tackle the closet. You know the drill: create “keep”, “donate”, and “toss” piles to get you started. This goes for all closets in the home, clothing, or storage. Then, turn on an organization television show and get rolling. Once space is cleared out, perhaps even plan out a new storage system. Bonus points for color-coded clothing. Roll up those sleeves and clear out the basement and closets down there as well. Perhaps you need more help in the basement? Contact Rainbow International if you have any water damage restoration needs. For more information call (609) 624-2244 or visit


Who knew this past year would be the one that so many in the community really relied on those home offices? Having an organized and peaceful home office helps you complete projects and have a space separate from your home life to focus on work. Put your desk near a window to see trees, flowers, birds, and any wildlife while you work. The physical division to have a designated area to work from daily helps you turn the computer off and close the door to work when the clock turns to 5 p.m. If you need help designing a home office or want to add new pieces contact either Dompierre or Blufish Designs today. For more information on Dompierre call (609) 390-2223 or visit For more information on Blufish call (609) 478-6508 or visit


Creating clear boundaries in multi-purpose rooms helps households maintain good separation between work and home life and helps to optimize space, especially in smaller homes. You can easily revitalize stale family rooms and bedrooms anytime by rearranging furniture to create a fresh, new look. Tackle a room in the house and rearrange the couch or television for something new and exciting. This practice of rearranging furniture utilizes your artistic side and your space will feel cozy and inviting! Contact Coastal Designer Outlet for assistance in home design. For more information call (609) 624-1544 or visit


Keep your home in tip top shape. Insulation that is installed properly is one of the best ways to increase your home's energy efficiency. That's why AICS provides expert home insulation installation services in Cape May Court House, NJ and the surrounding areas. If needed, install spray foam insulation anywhere in your home, from crawlspaces to attics. For more information please call (609) 465-6670 or visit


One of the big home trends of the pandemic has been making better use of outside space. Maybe spruce up the outdoor living space by pulling weeds, creating a firepit, hanging string lights, or building a pergola. There is always room to refresh the exterior of the home as well. Paint the front door for a new view on things or take down the holiday lights and decor if you haven’t yet!  Perhaps your roof needs some updating? Contact Bob Poderis Roofing today. Call (856) 236-2886 or visit for more information.

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