What are the Benefits of Polished Concrete Floors?

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The concrete floor of an industrial space, garage, warehouse or patio undergoes a great deal of wear and tear. Whether this is the result of foot traffic, vehicular traffic, or a combination, polishing your concrete floor ensures several benefits.  

1. Ease of Maintenance

Regular cleaning, and an occasional burnish, will keep your polished floor looking great for years. Polished concrete resists scratches, and has a harder surface than traditional concrete.

2. Low Cost

Polished concrete offers a low-cost option for businesses that do not want to skimp on quality. With their low, long-term costs and minimal maintenance, these floors last longer and do not need to be replaced as often as some other flooring options.

3. Increased Cleanliness

With spills and accidents as a common occurrence, whether it’s a commercial space or garage or patio at your home, it’s important that concrete floors are polished because concrete is a porous material, meaning it is not naturally resistant to substances such as oils, chemicals, and other liquids. With polished concrete, you can find a treatment for your floor that will leave it resistant to the chemicals or compounds it may come in contact with. This means your space will be cleaner, safer, and more productive.

4. Improved Appearance

Today, most businesses and homes want to improve the way they look. Having a pleasant environment, in which to work or live, can increase the productivity of employees and the value of your home. While many people think that concrete only comes in a standard gray color — which looks stunning when polished — today’s polished concrete flooring is available in numerous shades and nuances. Stains can be applied to get a colored effect, and company logos or specialty art can be applied. 

Not sure if polished concrete is the right choice for your space? We also offer pressure washing services for decks, patios, and driveways.

Contact us for an in-depth consultation and a free quote and enjoy the right flooring option to meet your needs. Stewart’s Concrete Polishing was chosen to do the garage areas of the 2019 Philadelphia Magazine Design Home in Villanova, Pa.

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