Avoid The Attic, It’s the Lazy Man’s Way

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Fall is here, and the temperatures are surely starting to drop. What are the options?

There is only one product that will shield you and your home from uncomfortable temperatures - Closed Cell Polyurethane Foam.

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It is a fact that over 30% of the air in a home comes from beneath, whether it is a crawlspace or basement. There is a natural vacuum in a home that pulls the heat and AC out.

Never mind that most contractors are over ventilating your home via ridge, gable, and oversized soffit vents. Go ahead, and install countless recessed lights that are only creating holes throughout your home, creating a vast wasteland of energy exiting your home's envelope. Thus, your money goes out the door.

There is actually a simple science to this. Here is a basic element to consider: Why put your AC system in the attic, a place that can reach around 160 degrees, when it is trying to produce cold air? The opposite is now it’s in the attic in freezing temperatures, when you want it to provide heat.

You guessed it - the attic is the lazy man’s way of completing the job.

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