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When is the last time your insulation was inspected and evaluated?  Unbeknownst to most people, when exposed, fiberglass has a noticeably shorter lifespan and can be less efficient.

Windows and Doors

One of the first things people think of are new windows and doors. Be sure to ask your contractor how they intend to flash them while at the same time taking the preventative steps in air sealing them. While installing high efficiency windows and doors it is essential to make sure the contractor team is taking the correct steps to air seal the installation. It is always quite the surprise when we are on a job and see this done wrong!


This trick is simple! Make it a priority to have your ductwork cleaned, inspected, and pressure tested for leaks. This is by far, the number one thing we see in the field throughout winter. Poor ductwork can be a result of bad workmanship, product failure, or even rodent damage. This is a crucial step to protect your home!


Make sure to close your foundation vents November through March. This is a vital step in maintaining warmth inside the home.

Floor registers

If your HVAC comes up from your crawlspace, simply lift out the register and see if there are any voids where they were cut into the floor. You will be amazed how many times you can shine a light and see right into the crawlspace. And yes, your heat and AC are escaping through there as well as unhealthy air entering your home. 

These are just a few of the simple steps to take that can result in amazing changes in your home. Ultimately, we want to help you save energy, save money and remain comfortable throughout this winter season.

AICS is here to assist in all phases of making your home both comfortable and energy efficient. For more information please visit or call 609-465-6670.

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