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Aggregates are the prime building blocks of any garden or landscape project. Materials like stones, topsoil, mulch, gravel and sand are all integral components of your outdoor green space. Together, they combine to create a healthy environment where your plants, flowers or trees can grow, thrive and blossom into beautiful, inspiring and inviting natural accents.

The foundation, literally and figuratively, of any landscape construction or renovation is nutrient-rich topsoil. The topsoil is fertile and full of nutrients – nutrients which are vital to your plant’s ability to securely root itself into the ground and begin its growing journey.

A strong layer of colorful and hearty mulch keeps your topsoil protected from the elements by creating a stable environment. At the same time, natural and decorative mulch for flower beds or garden edging can give your landscape a finished and styled look by adding a striking pop of color.

Landscape Stone (Trap Rock, River Rock and Round Local stone) is a strong foundation which can give your project a solid look and feel that’s made to last. Landscape Stone has a dignified appearance and can handle just about any type of traffic (i.e. a stone walkway) over an extended period of time.

Sand is fun and can add a playful touch to your landscape project – from a child’s sandbox to a backyard beach hideaway. Sand can be tough and durable, too, especially as an agent used to fill in gaps between interlocking or patio stones.

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