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With storm season quickly approaching it is important to take some steps to prepare. Tropical storms and extreme weather can cause damage to your property, including your yard, fence, and home.

1.Secure your gates.

The best thing you can do to prevent broken gates is to make sure they are securely latched. Getting caught in the wind could cause them to swing wildly or slam closed leading to potential breakage. Driveway gates or double gates often come equipped with drop rods. Make sure they are down and in place. Lastly, on almost all gates you can use zip ties on the latch before a storm as added protection against high winds.

2. Store or secure loose items.

Bring all loose items, such as patio furniture, lawn ornaments, potted plants, or toys, inside your garage, home, or shed to keep them from getting caught in the wind and blowing into you or your neighbor’s fencing. If any items are too large to bring inside, take the time to secure and anchor them with bungee cords, rope, chains, or weigh them down with sandbags.

3. Trim low hanging or dead branches.

Before any storm, take the time to walk around your property.  Assess the trees that surround your home and if there are any low hanging or dead branches, take care of them as soon as possible to keep them from falling on your fence or home.


Taking preventative steps before a storm may save you from damage and keep the aftermath cleanup to a minimum.

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